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Float is a Design and Production Company We help organizations grow by crafting new concepts and ideas and developing them into products, spaces and experiences

Strong Capabilities
Creative Minds
Solid Process

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Amman, Jordan
7th Circle, Masoud Bin Naser St.
Building #19, 2nd Floor, Offices 202 & 203

Phone: +962 6 581 9599
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P.O.Box: 140687 Amman 11814

Product, production or promotion we offer you our passion and professionalism.

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Float is a privately owned product design and production company established in Jordan in 2009.

We are a group of experienced business developers, designers, engineers and marketers that have a common drive,and that is to see organizations discover new possibilities for development and differentiation.

Creative Minds

We believe that in order to obtain extra ordinary out comes, we need to explore possibilities and perspectives through a sensory collective of information drawn from surroundings, observation of human activity, interaction and needs.The tiniest experience could be tomorrow’s next innovation. Inevitably, our work incorporates our professional, social and cultural experience, which allows us to understand the needs of our regional clients better than anyone else. the process of creating a product is essentially a journey-one that brings us closer to our clients’s ultimate target.

Solid Process

We underline the importance of process within our company. This allows freedom for creative thinking and ideation but equally important processes allow us to filter and steer concepts into product outcomes that take into consideration the core requirements and constraints of our clients. we clearly recognize that creative ideas must materialize into feasible, functional and profitable outcomes. Our processes are engrained in our team and work dynamics. In return our clients appreciate the clarity of work flow, development and delivery.

Strong Capabilities

We are proud to have on board a network of skilled and experienced professionals within the fields of industrial design and engineering, craftsmanship, production management and consultation, both locally as well as internationally. We are also well equipped, to produce in house prototypes and hold excellent manual skills in addition to 3D modeling capabilities that enable us and our clients to visualise and assess our designs. Additionally, with a presence in China, and extensive experience in trading we can boast a thorough knowledge of industry standards, trading and shipping requirements into the Middle East region.

Product Design

Product design means limitless possibilities. They say designing is a challenge, and we totally agree.

Package Design

Packaging has two simple purposes, Visual communication and functionality.

Space Design

Whether it is an interior, retail, exhibition, or service environment.


As they say ‘it aint over till the fat lady sings’ At Float we believe that it is not over until the final product is out.

Corporate Gifts

We design unique and exclusive size customized and VIP corporate gifts that are aligned with our client’s communication startegy.

Promotional Items

With many years of experience in the field, we offer an impressive selection.


Coming Soon..

Float Products

Coming Soon..

Promotional Items

With many years of experience in the field, we offer an impressive selection of promotional items for your branding needs.
In addition to in-house printing capabilities, we hold a rich supplier network and exclusive partnerships in China. We can deliver promotional material in as little as 2 working days, at competitive prices and exceptional quality.
Rest assured we provide our clients with samples to “see and touch” their selection prior to placing their order.

  • Expert Client Servicing and Advice Item Customization and Branding
  • International Shipping,Tracking and Country Clearances
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